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Ai mai ka ia o ka ulua makele, —He mele no Kualii, c. Manai-i-ka-lani ‘Made fast to the heavens’ — its name; An earth-twisted cord ties the hook. Engulfed from the lofty Kauiki. Its bait the red billed Alae, The bird made sacred to Hina. It sinks far down to Hawaii, Struggling and painfully dying. Caught is the land under the water, Floated up, up to the surface, But Hina hid a wing of the bird And broke the land under the water. Below, was the bait snatched away And eaten at once—by the fishes, The Ulua of the deep muddy places.

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Its thesis is that civilization developed in Eurasia fastest for ecological not cultural or racial reasons. Eurasia’s size and eco-diversity gave it more species of domesticable plants and animals than other continents, certain favorable climates and landforms a Mediterranean dry season eases grain-storage, for example , a long human presence late discovery of the New World meant mass extinction of large mammals that might have been domesticable , and east-west trade routes pigs and wheat do well in both France and China, but Mexican corn took centuries to adapt to Ohio.

His theory’s complex, and rather than discuss it, I prefer to sculpt it–I’m an artist, after all! So here’s a tilted Earth that should foster a quick, relatively even growth of civilization–if he’s right.

The god Kanaloa is sometimes known as a ruler of the under-world, whose land was caught by Maui’s hook and brought up in islands. Thus in the legends the thought has been perpetuated that some one of the ancestors of the Polynesians made voyages and discovered islands.

The station began as the location for a beacon for the port of Maryborough in the s, to a pilot station in the late s and a light and signal station in the early s. For more than a century the light station and pilots at Inskip were responsible for the safety of ships at sea. It was a lonely way of life for a succession of men, often with families, as they responded to the call of people in need. If your family was there or if you have any feedback please email me: The main beach at Inskip Point where stores would be unloaded for the light station – once located 70 m inland to the left.

On the right is Snout Point – so named because it looks like the snout of a dolphin. It is the landward side of the southern tip of Fraser Island. His father was a sailor and his brother was Captain Peter Inskip b It seems George was quite prolific in naming remote coastlines and spent some time in the s in British Columbia.

The census lists him as Head of the house click to view census document. While the Rattlesnake hauled off and waited, Lieutenant Yule of the tender Bramble to the left examined the opening in one of his boats.

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Maui was a demi-god, who lived in Hawaiiki. He possessed magic powers that not all of his family knew about. One day when he was very young, he hid in the bottom of his brothers’ boat in order to go out fishing with them. Once out at sea, Maui was discovered by his brothers, but they were not able to take him back to shore as Maui made use of his magic powers, making the shoreline seem much further away than it was in reality.

Jun 13,  · Cover-up Tattoos () Dotwork tattoos () Egyptian tattoos (45) Flower tattoos () Geometry Tattoos () Horror tattoos (49) Indian tattoos () Japanese tattoos Best Tattoo Ideas Gallery > Polynesian and Maori tattoos > Polynesian Hook Tattoo. Polynesian Hook Tattoo. Polynesian Hook Tattoo by Akiu “Q” Sale. Chest Tattoo Maori /5(5).

History[ edit ] Haka being performed at the SCC Rugby Sevens Although the use of haka by the All Blacks rugby union team and the New Zealand rugby league team has made one type of haka familiar, it has led to misconceptions. War haka peruperu were originally performed by warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition. Today, haka constitute an integral part of formal or official welcome ceremonies for distinguished visitors or foreign dignitaries, serving to impart a sense of the importance of the occasion.

As well as chanted words, a variety of cries and grunts are used. Haka may be understood as a kind of symphony in which the different parts of the body represent many instruments. The hands, arms, legs, feet, voice, eyes, tongue and the body as a whole combine to express courage, annoyance, joy or other feelings relevant to the purpose of the occasion. The peruperu is characterised by leaps during which the legs are pressed under the lower body.

In former times, the peruperu was performed before a battle in order to invoke the god of war and to discourage and frighten the enemy. It involved fierce facial expressions and grimaces, poking out of the tongue, eye bulging, grunts and cries, and the waving of weapons.

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The culture of West Polynesia is conditioned to high populations. It has strong institutions of marriage and well-developed judicial, monetary and trading traditions. It comprises the groups of Tonga , Niue , Samoa and extends to the atolls of Tuvalu to the north. The pattern of settlement that is believed to have occurred is that the Polynesians spread out from the Samoan Islands into the Tuvaluan atolls, with Tuvalu providing a stepping stone to migration into the Polynesian Outlier communities in Melanesia and Micronesia.

The large islands of New Zealand were first settled by Eastern Polynesians who adapted their culture to a non-tropical environment.

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Pacific Fishery Management Council January 31st, Folks — from time to time we need the help of each and every one of you. This is one of those times. This is a two-step process — once to be nominated by the State, and then again to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. We will ask for your support at both steps. Right now, we need the State to nominate him. Please send an e-mail of support to the following people to influence the State nominations.

Joanna Grebel and Laura Ryley: A simple message of support for the nomination and appointment of Marc Gorelnik to the At-Large seat on the PFMC is sufficient — numbers of support messages are more important than detailed rational. He has the experience, ability and passion for the job. If you want a sustainable fishery, then you need Marc to sit on that body to ensure that our regulations are fair and based on real science.

The State needs to know that Marc has the support of recreational fishermen, and that he has your ear and can speak on your behalf If you want to embellish it, you can draw on some of these from his resume: Chairman of the Coastside Fishing Club — an all-volunteer California non-profit organization; with 10, members dedicated to enhancing the recreational fishing experience for all Californians.

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See Article History Austronesian languages, formerly Malayo-Polynesian languages, family of languages spoken in most of the Indonesian archipelago; all of the Philippines , Madagascar , and the island groups of the Central and South Pacific except for Australia and much of New Guinea ; much of Malaysia ; and scattered areas of Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos , and Taiwan. Only the Niger-Congo family of Africa approaches it in number of languages, although both the Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan language families have considerably more speakers.

Before the European colonial expansions of the past five centuries, Austronesian languages were more widely distributed than any others, extending from Madagascar just off the southeast coast of Africa to Easter Island Rapa Nui some 2, miles west of Chile in South America —across an astonishing degrees of longitude. Despite the enormous geographic extension of the Austronesian languages, the relationship of many though not all of the languages can easily be determined by an inspection of such basic subsystems as personal pronouns or the numerals.

Fourteen of the 21 or 22 Austronesian languages spoken by the pre-Chinese aboriginal population of Taiwan also called Formosa survive. Siraya and Favorlang, which are now extinct, are attested from fairly extensive religious texts compiled by missionaries during the Dutch occupation of southwestern Taiwan —

While searching for some examples of hook tattoos I found this really nice Polynesian style tattoo of a big fishing hook, so I decided to post it. Risultati immagini per maori fish hook tattoo Polynesian tattoos for men, while strongly representing masculinity, serve a higher purpose and cultural appreciation.

We need all the room in our waka for the many fish that we catch. The eldest brother would reply, “You’re so skinny we might mistake you for some bait and throw you overboard for the fish to eat. As he wove he recited an old karakia to give his fishing line strength. Let your lines down as I say my karakia and you’ll catch more fish than you ever have. The brothers threw their lines into the water and instantly began catching fish.

One after another they pulled their fish into the waka. In no time the waka was full and the brothers were delighted with their catch. He spun his line out to sea, the line sunk deep to the ocean floor, down into the depths of the domain of Tangaroa, and instantly the hook was taken. The brothers stopped their laughing and held tightly to the side of the waka as they began to speed across the ocean. The brothers huddled in the waka shivering with fright. The giant fish towered over their small canoe.

As they neared the brothers were seen still chopping and arguing over which part of the fish was theirs. The people saw them for the greedy brothers that they were. They were so greedy that they had chopped huge gullies and mountains from the fish’s flesh.

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The most important gods of the Polynesian pantheon were those associated with creation myths and legends. According to Maori legend, Rangi and Papa served as the source from which all things came. Ao represented the male force in the universe and was associated with the sky, the day, and light. Po, the feminine force, was linked with the earth, darkness, and night. According to Hawaiian myth, a creator god named Ku separated Ao from Po. Ku then worked with Lono, god of the heavens, and Kane, the chief god of generation and growth, to create the earth and all living things.

Polynesia is generally defined as the islands within the Polynesian Triangle, although some islands inhabited by Polynesian people are situated outside the Polynesian Triangle. Geographically, the Polynesian Triangle is drawn by connecting the points of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island.

Westervelt, [ ], at sacred-texts. Manai-i-ka-lani ‘Made fast to the heavens’–its name; An earth-twisted cord ties the hook. Engulfed from the lofty Kauiki. Its bait the red billed Alae, The bird made sacred to Hina. It sinks far down to Hawaii, Struggling and painfully dying. Caught is the land under the water, Floated up, up to the surface, But Hina hid a wing of the bird And broke the land under the water.

Below, was the bait snatched away And eaten at once -by the fishes, The Ulua of the deep muddy places. ONE of Maui’s homes was near Kauiki, a place well known throughout the Hawaiian Islands because of its strategic importance. For many years it was the site of a fort around which fierce battles were fought by the natives of the island Maui, repelling the invasions of their neighbors from Hawaii.

Haleakala the House of the Sun , the mountain from which Maui the demi-god snared the sun, looks down ten thousand feet upon the Kauiki headland. Across the channel from Haleakala rises Mauna Kea, “The White Mountain”-the snow-capped-which almost all the year round rears its white head in majesty among the clouds. In the snowy breakers of the surf which washes the beach below these mountains, are broken coral reefs-the fishing grounds of the Hawaiians.

Here near Kauiki, according to some Hawaiian legends, Maui’s mother Hina had her grass house and made and dried her kapa cloth. Even to the present day it is one of the few places in the islands where the kapa is still pounded into sheets from the bark of the hibiscus and kindred trees.

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