Validating the competency models

Develop a draft competency model framework Gather feedback from subject matter experts SMEs Refine the competency model validating Validate the competency model models.

There appears to be great overlap between the conduct of a JA for certification and the development of competency models as presented in the Competency Model Clearinghouse. Like JAs the first step is to gather background information on the job being certified.

Where there is slight deviation between the two is that JAs do not develop competency draft competency framework, but rather the JA process develops a draft models of tasks and KSAs focused on a specific job and not the entire profession. For steps three to five, JAs and CMs gather feedback from SMEs and use survey data to make inclusion and exclusion decisions into the the content, thus validating the models.

How can one be sure that the data collected in the JA is accurate.

A series of accredited certification programs which are increasingly competency and validating a similar foundation may assist in the validating of a competency model for a profession. In this example the pathways are not directly linear. The goal was to match the certification to the role, not to build a hierarchy. Due to the proliferation of certification programs globally, it has become increasingly important to assure that certification the are meeting stringent requirements.

The standard has many requirements including the and external audit.

Department of Defense unveiled its U. Generally speaking, this Directive required competency working in or with the DoD to have and maintain various ISO accredited personnel certifications. This DoD-wide policy, made official in August and implemented according to the requirements of DoD The Directive also requires that those same employees maintain their certified status with a certain number of hours of continuing professional education each year.

As of Junethe certifications shown above are the only validating certifications DoD will accept as fulfillment for the In the above example, two categories of professional are identified Technical and Managementacross three levels of information assurance. To move or work across three competency requires a worker to possess an ISO accredited personnel certification credential the that particular category. In another example in the U. Each credential is separate, but builds linearly on a career.