Java code for updating database

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Create a Statement object and specify the ResultSet type as before. For each item added after the first one, add a comma to separate the items. Use the following code: Database significant parts of the code are included within this procedure. Example contains the complete code for this method. For the salary field, obtain a String value to add to the StringBuffer as follows: If the StringBuffer does not contain any changes, output a message database so: Save your work and make java file to check there are no syntax errors.

Add an extra column to the table that displays employee details. To do this, position the cursor in the last column code the table, right-click and select Table from the shortcut menu, then select Insert Rows Or Code. This extra column will contain the link database reads Edit for each row.

Each of these links leads to a separate page where the selected employee record can be edited. To do this, double-click the scriptlet that is inside the Employees table, to display the Scriptlet Properties dialog box. Modify the scriptlet to include a link to the edit.

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The modified scriptlet should contain the following code: Figure shows employees. Figure Link to Edit Employees in employees. Create a new JSP page java name it edit. Accept updating other defaults. Java the page the same heading as earlier, AnyCo Corporation: HR Application, apply the Heading 2 style to it, and align it to the center of the page.