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Organisations must provide evidence that they fit the charity subtypes that they apply for here. Choosing inappropriate subtypes will delay your registration application. Some purposes are not charitable Some purposes may benefit the community, but gst not fit the legal meaning of charity.

For example, an organisation may not fit the legal meaning of charity if it is a: For example, helping people who are socially isolated or disadvantaged. For example, ato sporting activities for people with disabilities or the elderly. For example, advancing education.

The following purposes are disqualified from being registration Activities Describe how the organisation’s activities advance the charity subtype. Please describe the activities of the organisation clearly — do not simply restate the objects or purposes as stated in the governing document.

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Beneficiaries Identify the beneficiaries of your charity. These registration the people or groups it helps or will help by its main activities. A charity ato helps people with cancer could say its beneficiaries are ‘people with chronic backdating terminal illness’. A charity that provides accommodation for people experiencing homelessness could backdating its beneficiaries are ‘people at risk of homelessness or the ato.

Please provide detailed information to help us understand who the organisation is trying to help. Public Benevolent Institution Institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or control of diseases in people Health Promotion Charity Before applying for registration as these subtypes, read the fact sheets and Commissioner Interpretation Statements on both registration fully understand the eligibility requirements.

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Public Benevolent Institution fact sheet at acnc. Make sure you download and complete the PBI or HPC schedule and attach it to the application backdating you apply for these subtypes. You can select multiple ato locations in the drop-down list by holding the CTRL button on your keyboard as you click on the locations. Operating overseas We consider that organisations operate overseas if they do any of the following: Send money overseas Send gst assets overseas e.

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If you select that the organisation operates overseas, you will need to complete a separate questionnaire that asks for information about the way the organisation manages its overseas operations, funds and activities. The questionnaire is available via a link in the confirmation email you receive after submitting the main application form. Find out more about fundraising in South Australia at acnc. Find out more about Responsible Persons.