After updating to windows 8.1

In respect to lagging when playing games, this could be caused by a number of issues. The above issues can create performance issues. Fortunately, Microsoft created a document on improving your computer’s gaming performance.

Why You Lost Data after Windows 8.1 Update on Computer

At the bottom of the document, certain Microsoft games are listed which the document is meant for. However, these steps apply to many of today’s games Battlefield 4 is an example off the top of my head where these steps can increase performance. If you are still witnessing these issues, you might want to test the computer’s hardware. This HP document provides steps on testing the hardware with HP diagnostics.

Please note any alarming results. I know this might be a lot to swallow, but this is my attempt at covering all avenues of testing, based on your issues. Please respond when you can. I’m only here to help! I worked on behalf of HP. I really should update my recovery partition if I can figure it out. I think it is in ACHI mode and is basically not there via standard methods. It says that when I run it on every single system I work on. That’s not to say there were not actually issues on yours, I’m just saying, it always says that in 8.